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Steve's 1-2-1 behavioural consultation .

My behavioural consultation will start by me coming to your home to see your dog in its natural environment, we will discuss your dogs behavioural problems whether they are in the home or out. I will then show you ways to change the unwanted behaviour to something more acceptable. I also offer full email support for the rest of the dogs life. if you are experiencing any of the following behaviours then please get in touch. I will never judge anyone im here to help you.



• Aggression towards people or dogs, on and off lead.

• Nervous, fearfull or anti social behaviour towards people or other dogs

• Sound fears, including firework and thunder, traffic etc

• Coprophagia eating poo

• Separation anxiety

• Destruction

• Resource guarding

• Territorial Aggression

• Attention seeking

• Barking excessively




The Signs of Aggression

Do you know the signs of aggression?

Are you ignoring the warnings?

Are you living on the edge because of your dog?


IMPORTANT: If your dog is showing signs of aggression, you should rule out any medical problems or injuries that may be causing your dog pain.  A trip to the Vet is a good idea.


So, they ignore it --- pretend it doesn't exist --- and avoid it.  They insist  "He'll grow out of it!" Or they think  "Our dog loves us and wouldn't hurt a member of the family." Or they say  "He isn't aggressive all the time." Hello!  Think about it.  If dog owners (and a lot of professionals) didn't ignore the problem people wouldn't be living with aggressive nightmares.  Children wouldn't be maimed for life. There would be no deaths from dogs.  Insurance companies wouldn't be denying homeowners and renters the liability coverage they so desperately need.  And certain breeds of dogs would not be discriminated against. Aggression is not a breed problem.  It exists in every breed, just as loving, wonderful dogs exist in every breed.


If your dog shows any of the following signs then please do not ignore them:-

Lunging towards other dogs, people, bikes, joggers etc

Barking and growling at other dogs

Not listening to you in the presence of dogs or people

Growling at anyone going near them in the house

If you have answered yes to any of these then you may have an aggressive dog